Installateur 1190 Wien

The RND Installer 1190 Vienna is on the spot!

You live in Döbling, that is: in the 19th district (Vienna 19) then you are right at the RND Installer 1190 Vienna?

We are quickly and reliably at yours in 1190 Vienna. Also on weekends and public holidays (as we have several vehicles in use).

Installer dobbling

Our customer service & service for you are:

  • We repair and service all spas of the following manufacturers: Junkers, Vaillant, Wolf, Viessmann, Saunier Duval, Baxi & Gebe.
  • We carry out the emission measurement according to paragraph 17 (§17) of the Vienna Fire and Air Pollution Control Act.
  • Exchange your old spa (if necessary) and install a new device.
  • We handle all gas & water works as well as heating work.
  • For drainage blockages, we have our own team of specialists.


It is best to call quickly so your damage can be resolved quickly!

In case of emergency also on weekends and public holidays from 0-24h

24-service number: 01/817 88 79

Installer in 1190 Vienna
RND installation and electrical customer service GmbH
Kreindlgasse 18
1190 Vienna
Tel: 01/817 88 79
01/81 00 319 e.mail:


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